The Excitement of Finding Things You Already Had: #1

Well, I decided to find new table mats and to replace the ones I’d burned a little years ago with a frying pan maybe twice and hadn’t picked them out specifically, also saw I wanted more color and softness. These handwoven placemats and this vintage napkin holder I found on Etsy arrived yesterday morning and…… Continue reading The Excitement of Finding Things You Already Had: #1

My Mom, Joanie Rose Arrives!

…From Brooklyn, New York, our ‘hometown’…to me in Massachusetts. 🍁🌳🍂We had lunch together and took photos inside while it was raining. “That is the look of a gentleman who should run his own art gallery,” I said, (snapping photo.) Peeko was glad to see his grandma again in person and had come nearer to greet…… Continue reading My Mom, Joanie Rose Arrives!

Let The Literary Salon Begin…

Let the literary salon begin with heavenly host, May… Announcements: I had a post series in mind and yet as I’d review it I would see the other poets had already had positive expressions after their critics’ criticisms on this blog. I’ve often be a little unintentionally careless with the poet Rumi, sometimes having deleted…… Continue reading Let The Literary Salon Begin…

There, A Rare Photo

May Ziadeh Nope not the baby girl with the curls that would’ve been pre-1900, you are in the back center, smiling. 😊and now we move this on ’cause the baby in the blanket is feeling better now… Plenty shade or sun The basil likes this shade better and table with a little new soil to…… Continue reading There, A Rare Photo

Blind Book Find

I believe my eyes had closed intentionally in this photo of mine…likely moved by music and great affection. * I found this novel The History of Love by Nicole Krauss among other books as free book donations left locally some day a week into September if I remember correctly, and at the time remembering that…… Continue reading Blind Book Find

Your Sunday Picture Book

Mid-morning after we woke, Peeko was napping contentedly on the bed at sunrise. Here he was lounging just across from my living room chair facing where I would sit a few moments before I did (and where he doesn’t usually sit) and I knelt to take this photo of him at eye level before I…… Continue reading Your Sunday Picture Book

Farewell, My Dear Strawberries and A New View

I said farewell to my strawberry plants yesterday afternoon.😢(They had a rough time in my care, even if I’d tried.) I’d blessed them with the sign of the cross and then upon myself for equal empathy, with a word of comfort and goodbye as I went back inside….I also took down the hooks with the…… Continue reading Farewell, My Dear Strawberries and A New View


letting my hair begin to dry in morning sun and atmosphere I find myself feeling replenished and my balance more restored with great help from God and others and myself in my gratitude, simplifying my project focus and goals beforehand, pure coconut oil left-in for hair and skin and aromatherapy (it’s a fruit😊), and a…… Continue reading Replenished


Evening blush tonight As for the previous post, it felt to me as if someone was saying, “Lights out…Time for rest now, Baby.” And it was. A laugh out loud line of Shakespeare’s (cited in Selected Poems by Lord Byron): “I’d rather be a kitten, and cry, mew! Than one of these same meter ballad-mongers”…… Continue reading Soothing

Fleur D’Amitie Dream Flower

photoed this morning in full blossom for May on her literary salon day When there’s great love, it is present because of the lover rather than conclusively inherent desirable qualities in an ’object of love’ …You may want more of a person, not recompense, and a reciprocal desire to give to the other multiplies the…… Continue reading Fleur D’Amitie Dream Flower

Walk Into Day Darkness

Question: Am I invisible truly or am I shifting❓🧚‍♀️🌫😊 My prediction: This is part of indoor home construction. Fun fact: I can see very well in the dark, literally. Evidence: My husband Dan arrived home in the dark just after me too and I saw a truck outside, been some light construction noise today, sound…… Continue reading Walk Into Day Darkness

Within It All, The Art When There’s No Record of It

Art doesn’t only happen directly on the canvas or page; I learned that when I unwrapped a new canvas and noticed the plastic wrap itself, the way light influenced the look of its texture and color, and myself behind it, snapped a fun photo. That post was called With The Canvas’ Wrapping. By then, I…… Continue reading Within It All, The Art When There’s No Record of It

Poet Byron with The Moon

Byron might like his book and the moon together… My reflective review apart from my moonlit window: These are poems to soak up and drink in, beautifully somber and purely light, with repeating motifs in the “Fragment” poems and “Stanzas For Music” poems, perhaps going along nicely with French Classical composer Gabriel Fauré’s piece “Romances…… Continue reading Poet Byron with The Moon

A Lord Byron Reading in Nearby Nature and Autumn Air Among Sunlit Trees Still Green

Let’s enjoy some poetry read aloud on a warm autumnal day. A restorative and peaceful thing for me to do today and to share with you, reading a poem from Lord Byron’s Selected Poems, his most well-known one ”She Walks in Beauty.” Feel free to check out the other audio poems I’ve read of different…… Continue reading A Lord Byron Reading in Nearby Nature and Autumn Air Among Sunlit Trees Still Green

A Letter To Honor Poet May Ziadeh and Two of Her Poems, Eighty Years Later

Featured again today on the blog with affection💕🙏… for May Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 after her first poetry book, Dream Flowers May Ziadeh writes: “I hope that after my death someone will do justice to me and extract from my small writings the truthfulness and sincerity it contains!!” b. Feb. 11, 1886 – d. Oct.…… Continue reading A Letter To Honor Poet May Ziadeh and Two of Her Poems, Eighty Years Later