An End of Winter Walk in Brooklyn

What surprised me about my walk this afternoon was the amount of litter I came across when I was paying attention to it.  I saw a floss pick, a navy blue wool scarf and a turquoise blue shirt on the ground, and a white plastic bag hanging from a bare tree branch; graffiti on the mailbox.  Although I really dislike litter, these imperfections caught my attention and were somewhat interesting to observe.

Besides the ugly things, I noticed a lovely blue-green dolphin statue on a neighbor’s front lawn, the dolphin pair leaping out in opposite directions, and a wooden giraffe in a window.  Birds I couldn’t name chirped constantly (maybe I should learn about bird calls, although I don’t exactly know where to begin.)  I listened to the sound of my footsteps, soft and quick.  There were sudden movements in the trees– nothing visible. 

The air smelled of spring, wind-blown grass and maybe flowers, even though I didn’t remember seeing any. 

I carried with me a former library book that was last checked out in May of 1969 and listened to Bach, Alles mit Gott.

11 responses to “An End of Winter Walk in Brooklyn”

  1. I always love your observations, Jade! They are so wonderful. :)I've always thought it would be so cool to learn bird calls but I've never pursued it. Younger Brother #2 is the birdwatcher in our family and marks all the birds he sees in a book. Maybe I should encourage him to learn birdcalls so I can live vicariously through him… 😉


  2. Sher, wow, that's an interesting coincidence! 🙂 The book I'm reading is called \”As the Earth Turns\” by Gladys Hasty Carroll. It was given to me/recommended to me by my boyfriend's grandma.


  3. I would have loved to see pictures of all you saw, however, your words are very visual. And please tell me the name of the book you are reading that hadn't been checked out since May 1969, the very month and year I graduated from H.S.


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