Imagining the Child

I wonder what the child will look like,Mary says to Elizabeth.From the warm kitchen,soup steam risesalong with the aroma of freshly cut flowers.A little like you, and like his Father, too,Elizabeth says.Like his Father? Have you lifted the veil?Just imagining, my dear.But not like Joseph,No, not like Joseph.Together, they laugh,cheeks blushing.___Merry Christmas to you!

If Love Is A Place

When someone allows you to see yourself and your world in a way that you could not see alone, it cannot be forgotten. It’s all about finding that light, and because of it, you discover both the strength and weakness within you. The light touches and warms your words.  It sings you to sleep.  It…… Continue reading If Love Is A Place

Dear Solitude

How I avoid you, how much I need you.  I know you are finally cleansing me of the burdens I place upon myself.  You free me of demands to keep busy, keep talking, keep reaching, keep doing.How bored I can become without the clang of conversation and the reassurance of others.  “Entertain me,” “Comfort me,”…… Continue reading Dear Solitude

My Favorite Fortune Cookie

I woke up this morning sniffly, slightly stressed, and feeling a bit lonely.  As I checked my email, my mood lifted and I felt a wave of happiness come over me when I saw I had seven unread messages.  No spam or business promotions, I had only messages from friends and responses to my blog…… Continue reading My Favorite Fortune Cookie

Like Mary

Today is a day of renewed faith.  Today I say, “I want faith like Mary’s,” and I imagine God smiling at me with his radiant, sun-like smile, taking my hand when I fall, forgiving me when I fail. Today, I imagine the glowing face of Mary, enamored by God.  I imagine the healing light surrounding…… Continue reading Like Mary

Let Us Embody Love

I remember the day the roses came and I set them on my table.  I floated all night long; they were so vibrant and full of warm, loving energy.  Although they eventually died, I still have the most perfect image of them in my mind.  These fleeting moments are all part of living.  And to…… Continue reading Let Us Embody Love

Tree Pose

The just rising sun enfolds a distant house in gold.  Often I find myself rising and falling with changing moods, but when I tune into the steadiness that is the Holy Spirit, it brings me peace (not always pleasure).  Like the house just out of darkness, cloaked in sunlight, I am protected.A couple of years…… Continue reading Tree Pose

Nighttime in the Garden

Dance in the lightDream in the darknessRevel in what comes easyBe at peace with what is hardSmile at the flowerSet a place for the stone