Ways to Enjoy a Poetry Book

I wrote this poem from a prompt by Big Tent Poetry.  This is my first time participating in one of their prompts.  This week’s assignment was to write a list poem, so here is mine.

Ways to Enjoy a Poetry Book

flip it open
fan yourself
slowly read
a stanza aloud
in a foreign accent
in a whisper
in a chilling tone
peer into its window
when no one is looking
read early dawn
when no one is awake
read at dusk
by street light
hear the raspy,
or soft
sound of the speaker’s voice
breathe in the smell of paper
musty paper, sweet-smelling paper
wet paper, crayon-colored paper
venture out into a rainstorm
use your book
as an umbrella
stack it
on top of a dictionary
toss it up
to know if it bounces
when it falls
open it up
like an accordion
and listen


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