This Is What I Wish For You

I look forward to this new year, a brand new chance to start again, a time of hope and mystery.  I plan to be more childlike this year, trusting God who is my Love and being present for others, loving them not with ignorance, but with wisdom and experience.  As the morning unfolds, patience and slowness come to mind, and I plan for my year to be filled with these qualities as well.

May all your endeavors lead you back to your purpose, so that you are not lost in everyday madness.  May your year be filled with meaning and moments of beauty!

Thanks for reading and for your kind feedback. 


  1. That sunrise must have given you quite the thrill. I am glad to say that I woke early this morning, as well, and the pink sky with the ever so subtle hues of purple and blue melted in made me feel so warm inside. I love waking up before the sun, but not as much as I love the feeling of a new year.


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