Smoke, Sun, Light

Three more polished stones.


between curling candle smoke
my little hope

1.5.11 Memory of Sun
the boy’s
yellow cap
into the


beholding our light
chatoyant siamese cat’s eyes

the blue day opens


Comment on the last stone: Finally, a 5-7-5 haiku (as long as you pronounce Siamese as two syllables, instead of three).  And thanks to for a cool new word of the day (chatoyant)! Now I just have to practice pronouncing it.

Thought of the day: My love for humanity is beginning to surpass my fears. I think that blogging is allowing me to realize how much we have in common, as I come across like-minded writers and artists.


  1. I was thinking, \”Hey! She used the word chatoyant! That was the word of the day on-\” and then I read your note. Haha! I love – it's my homepage.I love your thought of the day. Blogging helped me realize that too. 🙂


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