How I Used To Pray

Dear God,

Please help me to be much better, to never snap at others when I am frustrated, to not need rest, to gather every person in the entire world to you.  May my arms never become weak from the weight of this burden.  May I be perfect and proud of my perfection.

I would like a just-the-right-size house (no flies indoors, ever), a porch swing, a painted door that doesn’t peel, a welcome mat, and a quaint garden without any bees.

I want to be free from disease and disorder. I want to have an esteemed career. I want others to constantly praise my efforts.  God, may I never be interrupted but may I never become lonely, may I be graceful and stunningly beautiful, may I have excellent posture and silky-soft, shining hair.

God, why aren’t you granting all of my wishes? Am I doing something wrong? Should I ask in different words?

The preachers on TV say all I need to do is ask and I’ll receive.  That I should ask for perfect blessings in every area of life. 

Excessive desires form a void that is never satisfied.  And so now I gaze upon the Source of blessings, rather than the blessings themselves.  I think of how I have a friendship with God and that God and I need to have more conversations. I desire intimacy with God, a closeness, more than the fulfillment of pleasures.

While petitions soothe a worried spirit and it is not healthy to suppress the desires that we already have, I intend to always place God above my desires for comfort.  Now, I know that while I may not always instantly receive what I desire, something even more satisfying than my finite dreams has been dreamed up for me by Love itself.  That Love itself is the hand I can squeeze, the truest comfort.

By Jade

author and painter poet


  1. Wonderful to go to the source. I believe that God delights in any prayer we offer. I remember a holy woman saying she thought of herself as a little frog…just making little croaking sounds before God. :0)Thank you for all your support, Jade. I love your insights.


  2. liv2write2day: I agree with you. The little frog comparison is really good!I don't think there is even such a thing as a wrong prayer that we really feel inside. As we grow, our prayers will change as well. The most important thing I've realized is that God wants our honesty and our friendship. 🙂


  3. gratitude, gratitude, gratitude… I think when we approach prayer with a gracious heart we can more readily tap into the divinity with in us alowing us to forge a deeper connection to the source of creation, God.


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