Eternity. Traces. Color. Snow.

Here are some more small poems I’ve written for A River of Stones.


Perfect penmanship on the euthanasia record.
My purring cat enters the ellipses…

(This one I wrote for my cat, Midnight, who died recently. May he rest peacefully with God.)

glossy twilit fingerprints
your spontaneous traces
just as good as
any autograph

first firework pop
bursting color and light
these honest words


January light:
melting beneath frozen Elms,
snow angel wings

By Jade Nicole Beals

I'm Jade, a poet, painter, and yoga teacher. I live in southeastern Massachusetts and am from Brooklyn, New York. Besides art and yoga, I love nature, spirituality, music, tea, and a good party.


  1. I'm very sorry about your cat! *hugs*I have been writing small stones too and am contemplating posting some of mine but… I haven't decided yet.

  2. I like your poem for your cat. I'm sure you miss her presence. I have a cat, Matilda. She likes music and sitting by me, or on me, when I read. When my boys get to the \”God bless\” part of our night time prayer, they say, \”and Matilda too.\”

  3. Hi Angela, Apseed, and Joanne, thanks for your feedback about your favorite poem. :-)Melee, Thanks for your sympathy about my cat. And I am glad you're writing small stones. Would love to read them, if you post them.Mary, Matilda sounds adorable! So sweet to add her in the prayer. I like to pray for my pets, too.

  4. These little nuggets of observation are delightful in their brevity and beauty. There is sadness in the first one, and I am sorry for your loss…but the way you express the sorrow….

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