A Sculpture Inspired A Poem That Inspired A Painting

When I write, I can taste the words.  I see the colors they hold within them.  I try to express my thoughts with as much detail as possible, but not get too wordy. I want the images I write to appear in the writers’ mind like clear sight, not a blurry photograph, not an abstraction.

And so I decided to combine the two things I love most: colors and poetry, to create a poem-painting.

My plan is to open up an Etsy shop once I have enough of them. 

The poem I wrote was inspired by a sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum called “The Sun Vow.”

The background information is as follows:

“Before a boy on the threshold of manhood could be accepted as a warrior of his tribe, he must shoot an arrow directly into the sun. If the chieftain judging the boy’s prowess was so blinded by the sun’s rays that he could not follow the flight of the arrow, then the youth…had passed the test.”

The Sun Vow

By Jade

author and painter poet


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