A Dream and an Interruption

I dream that a woman (who I do not know in reality) is holding her hand against my belly and I am aware that this is the place where my repressed emotions are stored.  That when I have something I want to say but do not say it, or experience something that I am ashamed of, or act overly polite when someone is bothering me, I am keeping all of this in my belly and it is disrupting my balance.  The woman’s hand makes me feel uncomfortable and vulnerable, although I trust that her touch is necessary and that the purpose of it is to heal me.  I’m not sure how the dream ends, whether or not I experience the release of these internally stored reactions.

Shortly after I woke up from the dream, I was immersed in writing my last blog post and then someone interrupted me.  After I expressed that I was busy and yet the other person was still standing there talking to me, the harsh reaction I had and the lingering anger I felt was unlike me.  It wasn’t until later, when the anger left me, that I remembered the dream.

I will bring these two experiences, the dream and the interruption, into prayer this week and see what insights arise. 

Any thoughts you may have or shared experiences are welcome!


  1. Vulnerability – I'd start there. Have you been repressing an aspect of your personality or Self? Investigate how \”it\” is connected to those situations where you feel vulnerable, ashamed, stifled etc…I hope all is illuminated for you.


  2. Joanne, True! I've realized lots of arguments and conflicts arise due to miscommunication, even if simply within ourselves.Ab, That is a great prompt to explore, thank you.Andie, Yes, I will keep exploring this. 🙂 Thank you for coming by and commenting.


  3. What did this woman look like, did she have physical characteristics or was she more of an entity?My reaction to this is that the woman represents you, a side of your Self you're not fully in touch with. If you believe that dreams are the mind's way of working things through then I believe it may be your subconscience's way of telling you that you are the only one holding you back. That while you suppress your own emotions you can also heal yourself through meditation, as you are trying to do now in analyzing this occurrence.The anger you unleashed, while perhaps not deserved by the person speaking to you, was I think actually a good thing. It was a release of suppressed negative energy and I think a realization of just what it may be that you're holding onto. Even these expressions can be beneficial sometimes.


  4. Hi Barry, the woman in my dream had medium length black hair and small dark eyes, and she was slightly overweight. She looked like she was from East Asia. In this dream, I saw her very clearly and I can still remember her, as if she were someone I knew in real life.Your thoughts are right on and have brought some more clarity. I may create a future post about this. When you suggested that this woman might represent myself, it was her strength (i.e. boldness) that immediately came to mind.


  5. I wish I could bring something helpful to this conversation but I am not knowledgable at all about dreams and their meanings. (Last night I dreamt I was getting paid $10 an hour to feed gummy vitamins to a king. Haha…)Dreams are interesting things, aren't they? I hope some light is being shed onto this.


  6. Hi Jade, I read this with interest as I have been having lots of dreams just lately but am unable to grasp them before they slip away.I too would assume that the woman was an aspect of yourself and she was bringing your attention to an area that needs exploring. The anger at the interruption I would see as a further confirmation that things are close to the surface and treasure is waiting to be discovered. :-)Her hand on your belly – you could also explore the area more, it is a place that you associate with 'gut' instincts, a place where you take in and digest 'food' etc. It can also be useful to place your attention and breathe into the area where her hand was placed and see what images arise.


  7. Dreams such as what you describe are valuable messages that we need to pay attention to. Speaking from my own experience… repressing emotions is a lot like trying to hold balloons under water. Eventually you get so tired, you can't hold them down any longer and the slightest irritation will make you overreact. They say that holding back (or stuffing things down) takes more energy than \”dealing\” with things. And \”dealing\” with things whether they are emotions from the past, or present issues, takes time, and much effort. I think prayer, reflection, journaling, meditation – all of those things make you more aware of what is going on in your deeper self. Be gentle with yourself – our life lessons come to us when we're ready to receive them. When I'm perplexed or confused about something, one of my friends always ends our conversations with, \”don't worry – more will be revealed and you'll understand in time.\”


  8. Melee, your dream is too funny! Thanks for lightening my mood. :-)Susannah, I will try the idea of breathing into my belly and seeing which images come up for me. That is a good way of bringing the sense of touch to the meditation. Kate, That is very good advice. Yes, holding back how we feel because we don't want to feel it or think it's wrong is self-destructive. I believe there are healthy ways to release emotions, instead of stuffing them away. Your friend's closing speaks to me as well… if we only give ourselves a little time, the answers come. 🙂


  9. Okay, we may be onto something here Jade. I've been doing a little looking into the possible meaning behind this dream of yours. According to dreammoods.com, \”To see an Asian person in your dream, represents an aspect of your own self that is unknown to you.\”So it seems I may be on the right track without knowing this person was Asian.Further to this, images in dreams are often not to be taken literally but are a representation of something else. So if you're trying to reconcile her nationality with someone who's familiar to you, looking past that will open up more possibility for you.


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