I want to breathe in the scent of your incense that has traveled from your home into mine, this heavenly smell that remains on your paper.  While e-mail may be immediate and convenient, I still wish for this sweet exchange, the kind labor it requires to write out the words, to sense your unique personality within them, to really know you, my best friend.

While I enjoy updating my blog, at times a traditional journal is just what I need. Each book has its own style, its individual charm that reflects a different aspect of my personality at a particular point in my life.

Today I appreciate my sense of touch.

By Jade

author and painter poet


  1. I love journals, and keep a few different ones … a book journal that logs different facets of books I've read, a concert journal, a to-do list journal, and others for different writing projects. There's something very special about opening that cover and penning my words there …


  2. I love blogging too but nothing quite beats feeling the smooth pages of my journal beneath my hand as I mark the pages with my inky scrawl.And I love just holding my journal and flipping through the pages and reading over my words. I have a habit of going back and adding footnotes and correcting my spelling in old entries. 🙂


  3. I can't survive without writing in my journal, and it gets far more attention than my blog ever does. I have several different ones covering different areas of my life. Nothing will ever replace the smell of paper, the feel of the pages, the weight of the book in my hands… and there's something so therapeutic in the act of writing things down. (funny how one doesn't get carpal tunnel from writing, but will get it from typing or mousing too much!)


  4. Wonderful. I hope you'll continue to explore all of your senses and write about them here, it strikes me as a semi-intimate look into who you are if this makes sense. Getting in touch with our senses can only serve to strengthen our connectedness with one another, and letter writing is a perfect example of this.


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