The greatest gift one can give God is oneself.  This gift is an ongoing process, a slow journey, in which day by day, God begins to transform the flawed self into the eternal one.  Like a dusty jewel, this perfect one is hidden beneath layers of lies, self-improvement frustrations, insecurities, and selfish thoughts and desires.…… Continue reading Jewels

Reading Over My Shoulder

“One like this would not leave his riggings out to rust, nor talk of buying tractors, incubators, separators.  One like this would house himself and all he owned snug and watertight; let horses draw his ploughs, hens hatch his eggs, and time divide his cream from his milk; watch the seasons as they passed and…… Continue reading Reading Over My Shoulder

Leaning In

In silence we sat on a stone bench and faced a divinely beautiful scene. Every color intensified in sunlight, various trees stood alongside the water below, and the sky was almost cloudless this spring day.  To the right of us was a wild bird guide, which helped viewers identify the creatures they saw.  What stands…… Continue reading Leaning In

My Lips Are Sealed :)

Today is a day of listening, of listening well without judgment, and allowing another soul to feel understood and valued.  It is a day of pauses and lulls, sealed lips, speaking less, telling very little, and patiently waiting.  It is a time of sacrifice, of self-control that doesn’t always feel pleasurable in the moment, but…… Continue reading My Lips Are Sealed 🙂

Offering Poem

Here’s a poem I wrote for Big Tent Poetry using a few of their given words and a variation of a given phrase. * “Our poor heart, with all its ragged edges, is in its very poverty the place God’s presence is perfectly manifested in the world.”- James Finley * Offering be with me jesus…… Continue reading Offering Poem

Awards Night

Back in January, Angela from My Poetry and Prose Place and Mark from Aggaspletch gave me this award. (So that is why it is displayed twice.)My Poetry and Prose Place is very lively and enjoyable. It is obvious that Angela puts a lot of thought into her work.  I especially like her Dictionary of Bio-Signs…… Continue reading Awards Night