My Lips Are Sealed :)

Today is a day of listening, of listening well without judgment, and allowing another soul to feel understood and valued.  It is a day of pauses and lulls, sealed lips, speaking less, telling very little, and patiently waiting.  It is a time of sacrifice, of self-control that doesn’t always feel pleasurable in the moment, but that later on delivers the subtle assurance of generosity.  It is a period to be composed, a time to concentrate well on another’s words.

Dear friend,
I want to show you my kindness.  If I can help it, there will be little question, you will be sure of my respect for you.  I won’t have to tell you.  I will honor you through silence and make space for your passions.  May I truly know you today.


  1. Jade! How could you know? that is exactly where I am…My youngest sister is here visiting from Calif and we are just really getting to know each other…She's gone thru a lot since our mother passed away and it has been a time for me to listen and allow her to feel valued and loved..Thank you again for sharing your spiritual lessons…I am reminded that we all have them if we only listen ….


  2. This is beautiful Jade, almost Zen-like. I believe every word of it because I know it's sincere, I love the way you listen to me and never pass judgement. You're rather amazing.I'm following you, thought I had already signed on a while ago. Goes to show how much time I've had to follow other people's blogs lately, lol.


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