The greatest gift one can give God is oneself.  This gift is an ongoing process, a slow journey, in which day by day, God begins to transform the flawed self into the eternal one.  Like a dusty jewel, this perfect one is hidden beneath layers of lies, self-improvement frustrations, insecurities, and selfish thoughts and desires.

We may try to perfect ourselves by taking matters into our own hands, by forgetting God in order to flatten our tummies or attend speech classes.  And while physical exercise, classes, and self-improvement techniques are helpful in moderation, leaving God out of our endeavors will only make us frustrated, self-focused, and unsuccessful. 

When we find ourselves frustrated with our own failures, we can redirect our gaze away from ourselves and into the eyes of Jesus.  And with His purifying breath, the dust that has covered our souls will be slowly lifted.  We should not focus on this process of self-transformation or our progress, but instead be so filled with desire for God that we give ourselves to Him each day.


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