Today ends the A to Z challenge.  Steadily climbing up this mountain, it is a relief to reach the top, the zenith.  On this month’s journey, I have met some great blogger friends and have learned a lot about my own writing process.  That perseverance, while often difficult, is a necessary attribute.  Commitment to writing…… Continue reading Zenith


Yoga’s physical benefits include greater flexibility, better posture, more satisfying breathing, and stronger, leaner muscles.  Its emotional benefits include an ability to be kinder to oneself, a calmer and clearer mind, and greater self-control.I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for about two and a half years.  There were times I’ve questioned whether it was…… Continue reading Yoga

Xed Out Post

I never eat the artichoke heart.There is no God.I want to be a teacher or a ballerina.I like to sleep in and wake up late.***It’s very important to bless a sneezing person.The world will end in the year 2000.The earth is the center of the universe.The earth is flat.


Earlier this month, I went to Brigg’s Nursery in North Attleboro, MA to adopt a plant.  While I was wandering around the store, I came across a lovely violet plant.  I was about to bring it to the cashier when Dan found a variety of different types of plants inside a silver watering can.  I…… Continue reading Violets

Thunderstruck by the Music of J.S. Bach (A Book Review)

Johann Sebastian Bach (Christian Encounters Series)As someone who is thunderstruck by J.S. Bach’s music, I was delighted to see that booksneeze.com was offering, in exchange for an honest review, a copy of Johann Sebastian Bach by Rick Marschall.  This book is part of the Christian Encounters series published by Thomas Nelson.A comprehensive, yet concise biography…… Continue reading Thunderstruck by the Music of J.S. Bach (A Book Review)

Silent Hours

If you know me in person, you might know that at times I like to talk a lot.  I am working on becoming a little more conscious of what I say, and so I designed for myself a program called “silent hours.”I used to try to spend the whole day in silence, not complete silence,…… Continue reading Silent Hours