Today ends the A to Z challenge.  Steadily climbing up this mountain, it is a relief to reach the top, the zenith.  On this month’s journey, I have met some great blogger friends and have learned a lot about my own writing process.  That perseverance, while often difficult, is a necessary attribute.  Commitment to writing…… Continue reading Zenith


Yoga’s physical benefits include greater flexibility, better posture, more satisfying breathing, and stronger, leaner muscles.  Its emotional benefits include an ability to be kinder to oneself, a calmer and clearer mind, and greater self-control.I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for about two and a half years.  There were times I’ve questioned whether it was…… Continue reading Yoga

Xed Out Post

I never eat the artichoke heart.There is no God.I want to be a teacher or a ballerina.I like to sleep in and wake up late.***It’s very important to bless a sneezing person.The world will end in the year 2000.The earth is the center of the universe.The earth is flat.


Earlier this month, I went to Brigg’s Nursery in North Attleboro, MA to adopt a plant.  While I was wandering around the store, I came across a lovely violet plant.  I was about to bring it to the cashier when Dan found a variety of different types of plants inside a silver watering can.  I…… Continue reading Violets

Thunderstruck by the Music of J.S. Bach (A Book Review)

Johann Sebastian Bach (Christian Encounters Series)As someone who is thunderstruck by J.S. Bach’s music, I was delighted to see that booksneeze.com was offering, in exchange for an honest review, a copy of Johann Sebastian Bach by Rick Marschall.  This book is part of the Christian Encounters series published by Thomas Nelson.A comprehensive, yet concise biography…… Continue reading Thunderstruck by the Music of J.S. Bach (A Book Review)

Silent Hours

If you know me in person, you might know that at times I like to talk a lot.  I am working on becoming a little more conscious of what I say, and so I designed for myself a program called “silent hours.”I used to try to spend the whole day in silence, not complete silence,…… Continue reading Silent Hours


What are you most grateful for and why?What (or who) do you usually turn to when you need comfort?What was the most interesting thing you saw today or yesterday?What was the most beautiful thing you saw today or yesterday?Did you encounter any opportunities today or yesterday?How did you handle an obstacle you’ve recently faced? Do…… Continue reading Questions

Park Photos (Even more!)

“As one sits here in summertime and listens to the cuckoo and all the other bird songs, the crackling and buzzing of insects, as one gazes at the shining colors of flowers, doth one become dumbstruck before the Kingdom of the Creator.” — Carl von Linne (1707-1778), also known as Linnaeus, credited with developing the modern…… Continue reading Park Photos (Even more!)

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is not about letting go of everything and being nowhere, but is about being mind with what’s most important in each moment.  During sitting meditation, one may be one with her breathing and notice the breath flowing in and out of the body.  Or she may wish herself, a loved one, a stranger,…… Continue reading Mindfulness Meditation

Let Us

“Let us not therefore go hurrying about and collecting honey, bee-like, buzzing here and there impatiently from a knowledge of what is to be arrived at, but let us open our leaves like a flower and be passive and receptive.”-John Keats Let us receive.  Let us be comforted by the endurance of nature, the changing…… Continue reading Let Us

Kindling The Inner Fire

There are days when we feel cold and uninspired.  We may sit and think of a thousand things that are wrong, or just feel quietly sad, and have no desire to write, create, or pray.  During these times, it helps to remember our inner spark, no matter how small it feels.It might be our own…… Continue reading Kindling The Inner Fire

Just a Walk in the Park

Dan and I took a late afternoon walk in the park to enjoy the warm weather.  There weren’t many people visiting today–all that we heard were the chirping of crickets and tiny frogs. After passing many bare trees and ones with withered leaves, it was delightful to see yellow flowers (maybe tulips?) blooming.  Swinging our…… Continue reading Just a Walk in the Park


Yesterday I received a gift in the mail, a lovely Tea Traveler Mug!  It is designed to allow loose leaf tea drinkers to take their tea out with them.  What you do is, take off the lid and strainer, pour in tea leaves, pour in hot water, add some honey if you’d like, replace the…… Continue reading Gift


Eavesdropping is “listening secretly to the private conversations of others”.  I have to admit, sometimes I really enjoy eavesdropping.  It can be inspiring to hear others talk.  A fragment of a conversation can spark a creative writing piece, poem, short story, or a new found appreciation for people.  Here are some snippets of overheard conversations…… Continue reading Eavesdropping

Dear Diary

“Dear Diary”– these two words had always been discouraged in a journal entry during my elementary school days.  Journals were sophisticated, “Dear Diary” was for children.  But recently I’ve begun to realize the value of these words and their variations.  When I write in a journal, I no longer think of my journal as just…… Continue reading Dear Diary

Cleansing Tears

When we are feeling most tender, we may find ourselves in tears.  While we may crave happiness and pleasure, experiencing sadness, and not clinging to it or pushing it away, can be renewing.  Tears spring up in our eyes and cleanse us.  They remind us that we are fragile.  They allow us to face what…… Continue reading Cleansing Tears

Beckoning to Creation (What God Might Say)

I wish to travel the depths of your soulto delight her with my singingTo roam the wild miles of your emotionsand unite with your gripping fearthat you may let him goI wish to plant my desires in your tousled dream fieldsand be the dawn that awakens within you