Cleansing Tears

When we are feeling most tender, we may find ourselves in tears.  While we may crave happiness and pleasure, experiencing sadness, and not clinging to it or pushing it away, can be renewing.  Tears spring up in our eyes and cleanse us.  They remind us that we are fragile.  They allow us to face what we are feeling, to be fully alive.  Sometimes the tears come late at night when no one is looking.  Sometimes they come in the company of others, or in the midst of grief, or after the initial shock of an event has worn off.  We ought not to be ashamed of our tears because they hold a secret key.  When wisdom is applied to tears, they teach us about ourselves and draw us close to the core of who we are.


  1. Sometimes tears tear us apart. Other times tears act as ears of the heart. It listens to the message stored therein, be it good or bad, and comes out in the form of teardrops, and we say 'tears of joy' or 'tears of pain' whichever fits the circumstances. One thing is certain, it helps to bring down the euphoric feelings to normal level as well as to reduce the stress. Nice write.


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