Dear Diary

“Dear Diary”– these two words had always been discouraged in a journal entry during my elementary school days.  Journals were sophisticated, “Dear Diary” was for children.  But recently I’ve begun to realize the value of these words and their variations.  When I write in a journal, I no longer think of my journal as just a blank piece of paper to record my observations, thoughts, and future projects.  I now think of it as a trusted friend, a journal angel, I like to say.

In addressing my journal as a friend, I feel more comfortable with sharing more in it, rather than always blurting out my thoughts and opinions to those around me.  I find that it is an ongoing practice in maintaining composure around others, in being able to cherish my alone time.

“Dear Diary”–perhaps we don’t have to write out these words each entry if we choose not to, but we can remind ourselves that our words are not to be judged, and that they are received and worthwhile.


  1. After I read The Diary of Anne Frank, I started using a name in my journal entries. That was when I was younger. Sometimes, I write to myself. Sometimes, I imagine I'm writing to my sons who will read my words some day when they're men. Sometimes, I write, Dear God.


  2. I've never really been a journaler…but I see the value in it. It's difficult for me to put my feelings in print, I'm always afraid that someone may see it and possibly be hurt. The times that I have, however, have been wonderful. Maybe I should write in some kind of code…Andie


  3. Brianna, that is a lovely journal idea.Andie, I know what you mean. It can be hard to reveal something when we're thinking someone else may read it… I used to have that fear, too, and then I decided to go for it and trust that it would be okay. Hmmm, writing in a code sounds like a good idea. 🙂 Or just in a quick, sloppy handwriting that would tire the other person, haha.Word in the Hand, I've also had a few of those serendipitous moments, times when I've forgotten I've written something and then come across it again. These are great. 🙂


  4. I write my diary/journal entries to a girl named Ferrisente. I don't start every entry with the words \”Dear Ferrisente\” but as you said, it helps to feel I have a trusted friend. She is very sweet and always patiently listens to me vent and ramble. 🙂


  5. That's an interesting thought, Jade. Certainly not one that I'd ever considered. In a similar vein, I have also taken to writing letters to the Dead, a way of keeping my heart in touch with them. The most recent of which was to my mother, a nod to nine years since she passed.You offer solid food for thought here. Thank you.


  6. I actually named my diary when I was younger and would write to that name with each entry. I don't recall why or how I picked the name, but I imagine it helped it feel like I was writing my thoughts to a person instead of a book.Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!


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