Eavesdropping is “listening secretly to the private conversations of others”.  I have to admit, sometimes I really enjoy eavesdropping.  It can be inspiring to hear others talk.  A fragment of a conversation can spark a creative writing piece, poem, short story, or a new found appreciation for people. 

Here are some snippets of overheard conversations that I found in an old journal, and one that is recent. 

“I’m not gonna even tell my mother.”

“I heard that you’re supposed to dress like you’re an Eskimo.”

“He thinks he’s my world, but he’s really not.”

“Look at the size of those strawberries, my God!”

If you feel inspired to write a story or poem based on any of these pieces of overheard conversation, please do so, and let me know, if you’d like!

By Jade Nicole Beals

I'm Jade, a poet, painter, and yoga teacher. I live in southeastern Massachusetts and am from Brooklyn, New York. Besides art and yoga, I love nature, spirituality, music, tea, and a good party.


  1. What goes through my mind is metaphors. Strings and reams of them…Where strawberries is a metaphor some something else altogether and the like. That's what eavesrdopping does for me.

  2. These are great snippets for a creative writing exercise! I'll keep them in mind. For right now, I'm doing good to get my daily blog posts written!Have a great day!

  3. Hi! I found your blog through the A to Z Challenge. Because I write for preteens/teens, I tend to eavesdrop on their conversations (at the mall, at school, at church), just so I could get a feel of what's going through their minds. I like your snippets, especially \”I'm not gonna even tell my mother\” and \”He thinks he's my world, but he's really not.\” Helps bring teen stories to mind.Great post!

  4. What a great idea, to record snippets we hear and use them as the springboard for a story. I'm going to keep my ears tuned to talk now! Thanks for the suggestion …

  5. great one: \”he's thinks he's my world but he's really not!\” Rae picked up on it, too, and mentioned teen stories. What if it were a middle-age woman saying it? These are great snippets. Got me thinking (tho' I just finished working on one…hope your writing is going well!!!!

  6. I am a total eavesdropper. It's a great way to collect dialogue for my scripts. I love the line about the strawberries. It makes me think of being at an open air market..hmm…

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