Yesterday I received a gift in the mail, a lovely Tea Traveler Mug!  It is designed to allow loose leaf tea drinkers to take their tea out with them.  What you do is, take off the lid and strainer, pour in tea leaves, pour in hot water, add some honey if you’d like, replace the strainer and lid, and go!

The mug has a built in strainer on the top, so that the leaves don’t go into your mouth when you drink.  The tea stays hot for a long time, and if like me, you’re concerned about over-brewing your tea, the website suggests you use cooler water and/or less leaves. 

I think I’ll take this to the park.  It could be fun if people look at me strangely, thinking I just grabbed a handful of leaves off the ground to drink, whee! 🙂

*Please note: I am behind with commenting on and visiting blogs, but I will catch up soon, hopefully tomorrow if not then, then early next week.


  1. I LOVE it…it's so unique, where did you ever find it?? Found you from the A-Z Challenge, I’m now following you on GFC and I hope you have a chance to check out my blog!Monica


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