Just a Walk in the Park

Dan and I took a late afternoon walk in the park to enjoy the warm weather. 

There weren’t many people visiting today–all that we heard were the chirping of crickets and tiny frogs.

After passing many bare trees and ones with withered leaves, it was delightful to see yellow flowers (maybe tulips?) blooming. 

Swinging our feet

Dan spotted little red leaves. 

The low sun in the sky brought tranquility.

Walking is therapeutic.  Today it’s supposed to rain, so probably no walking today.  It is wonderful how there’s a time for everything.


  1. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! I really enjoyed the pictures! Yesterday was a lovely spring day in my neck of the woods. But then today was rainy and cold :(But the important thing is that more warm sunny days are on the horizon. It's just like you say, there's a time for everything and it's time for spring 🙂


  2. Ahhh, what lovely pictures! I want to go take a walk now! (Except it's half-past 10 PM so I don't think that would be a very good idea.)I took a walk the other day when I was feeling depressed and it was extremely therapeutic. 🙂


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