Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is not about letting go of everything and being nowhere, but is about being mind with what’s most important in each moment.  During sitting meditation, one may be one with her breathing and notice the breath flowing in and out of the body.  Or she may wish herself, a loved one, a stranger, a difficult person, and then all beings to be well, happy, and free from suffering.  Mindfulness may be practiced throughout the day, such as by paying special attention to the body and movements while showering, or when walking to mail a letter, or when preparing and drinking tea.  Over time with consistent practice, mindfulness meditation aids in improving concentration, calmness, and love. 

(The original post on mindfulness meditation that I wrote during the A to Z Blogging Challenge was accidentally deleted, so this one is a substitution for it.)

By Jade

author and painter poet

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