Oliver Ames Library and Old Pond

This weekend I was able to visit two “O” places, which makes for a great “O” post for the A to Z Blogging Challenge. 

The first place I visited was (Oliver) Ames Library in Easton, MA. The interior was dimly light and many bookshelves outlined the perimeter of the building.  Nostalgic portraits hung on the walls.  There were tables and chairs for people to sit and read, a little too close to the bookshelves, in my opinion. 

My boyfriend, Dan, and I passed by a group of boys playing a card game.  At the next table, a lady sat and read, an over-sized book hiding most of her face.

The next day, we visited Dan’s grandparents and walked beside Old Pond.

Today is Dan’s birthday.  So happy birthday to him!
He’s getting old.


  1. Both of those places are so beautiful! And Happy Birthday to Dan who is not old! (I tried to think of a good adjective that begins with \”o\” but everything unpleasant seems to begin with \”o\”… odious, obscene &c. Oh well!)


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