Earlier this month, I went to Brigg’s Nursery in North Attleboro, MA to adopt a plant.  While I was wandering around the store, I came across a lovely violet plant.  I was about to bring it to the cashier when Dan found a variety of different types of plants inside a silver watering can.  I decided to take that one home instead.  I will post pictures of my indoor garden soon.

The next day when I visited my boyfriend’s grandparents, the day I walked along Old Pond, inside their home, I noticed many violets along the window sill.  His grandma spoke about her violets in a way that I could tell she really loved them.

Somethings are pleasantly nostalgic.  Memories may spring up just by admiring them.

Since smell is the closest link to memory, even the smell of the flowers and soil can comfort us and remind us of something pleasant, or of someone we love.

In the future, I’d like to adopt a violet plant.

Do you have a favorite plant or flower?
Do any smells comfort you or remind you of someplace safe?


  1. We plant tall zinnias outside our kitchen window. By mid summer when I'm at the sink, or preparing food, the flowers are blooming, and visited by the goldfinch, hummingbirds, monarch butterflies … Great kitchen company 🙂


  2. I love a lot of kinds of flowers, but lily-of-the-valley is my favourite (even though it doesn't grow here). Violets, sunflowers, apple blossoms, tiger-lilies, and small roses have special memories for me, too.I can't think of any particular scents that are comforting right now, but the taste of Cadbury chocolate makes me think of home and memories, though I don't quite know why.


  3. My favorite flower is the rose, not only cos it's a beautiful flower, but also cos it comes in different colors: pink, white, yellow, purple, black, red & green. Since pink is my favorite color, the pink rose is my favorite rose.


  4. Thanks for visiting and commenting at my blog. You asked whether we found our son – we didn't. Our book tells the whole story. Your question about flowers: I love violets because they remind me of home (Wisconsin's state flower is the violet) and they are so delicate. I love bluebonnets because they are everywhere in Texas (where I now live), I love orchids because they were my son's passion, I love morning glories that give glory to God first thing in the morning. So…I guess they are all my favorites!


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