Xed Out Post

I never eat the artichoke heart.

There is no God.

I want to be a teacher or a ballerina.

I like to sleep in and wake up late.


It’s very important to bless a sneezing person.

The world will end in the year 2000.

The earth is the center of the universe.

The earth is flat.

By Jade Nicole Beals

I'm Jade, a poet, painter, and yoga teacher. I live in southeastern Massachusetts and am from Brooklyn, New York. Besides art and yoga, I love nature, spirituality, music, tea, and a good party.


  1. Amusing…this made me grin :-).Saw that your a painter/artist.I begin \”beginner\” oil painting lessons this coming Monday evening. I'm somewhat anxious but sincerely excited!Blessings to you, Jade.Julie

  2. used to believe in those things too, except for the second one… although i doubted once, but it never happened again.Jade, i added you in my list of feathers.have a beautiful day!

  3. Interesting post! I liked how you used the \”X\”.If I were adding my two cents to your post, I would X out these:–It's all about me.–I always eat healthy.–Money can make you happy.

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