Today ends the A to Z challenge.  Steadily climbing up this mountain, it is a relief to reach the top, the zenith.  On this month’s journey, I have met some great blogger friends and have learned a lot about my own writing process.  That perseverance, while often difficult, is a necessary attribute.  Commitment to writing doesn’t mean amazing or epic work every time; it might mean some scribbles on a paper, a couple of thoughtful paragraphs, or something attentively observed.

Thank you for accompanying me this month!
May God bless you in an unexpected way today.

By Jade Nicole Beals

I'm Jade, a poet, painter, and yoga teacher. I live in southeastern Massachusetts and am from Brooklyn, New York. Besides art and yoga, I love nature, spirituality, music, tea, and a good party.


  1. I believe a piece of work doesn't have to be epic, eloquent or profound to be good. It just has to be heartfelt and honest. Your writing over time has been all of these.

  2. Congratulations, Jade! I know it wasn't easy, but you never gave up and I enjoyed visiting every day! I'll continue to be a regular visitor to your blog. Your posts are interesting and inspiring.Like you I learned that not everything I write has to be practically perfect in every way to be read by others!

  3. God Bless Jade – good to meet you and I will be following to see where else you travel to. I don't know why I have ended up a letter behind -not bad for me though! Blessed writing +x

  4. The A to Z: It was exciting to start and exciting to finish. And it was definitely a CHALLENGE. Congratulations on making it to the end. You did well.Lucy

  5. I admire you for this. I noticed you and several others doing this series part way through and thought it was a great idea but – lots of work. Very well done!

  6. \”perseverance\” now there is a quality that is lacking in our time. Congratulations on all you've accomplished and learned.

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