A List of Inspiring Things

 Paintings.  Monet.  Blurred edges, softness and sunlight, pink, ponds, windsong.Breathing.  The way the body breathes effortlessly, the way your breath can show you when you need to slow down; rapid, calm, deep and holy breath.Books.  Recent favorite: I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.  Satisfying endings.  Poetic prose that you can taste and breathe and…… Continue reading A List of Inspiring Things

The Writing and the Life United

“Don’t over-think it,” says the muse within me.  “Let the words come honestly and freely, not with a certain drunkenness or avoidance, but with playfulness and clarity.”The critical one within me stifles my thoughts and keeps them stuck, unlike me, and untrue.  When I breathe well with a relaxed posture, Ludivico Einaudi’s passionate, contemplative piano…… Continue reading The Writing and the Life United

My Hiding Place

“Knowing God’s love for me is challenging because I am so often dissatisfied with my own efforts and achievements.  Maybe it’s not about them.During morning prayer, the candle’s flame reflects a thread of peach light into my eyes. I sit here with my pretty light, the pleasant frankincense smell, and honesty before my God, my…… Continue reading My Hiding Place


Dan and I are engaged! Here are two small stones I wrote on the day of the proposal and the day after. #9early evening light―the pond is aglow.he asks me to marry him,the water, diamond, choir of birds,and my ‘yes’all in tune and sparkling#10like stepping downinto the field,dressed in orange poppies,this joyone day old

My Writing Space

I enjoy writing and typing at a clear desk beside an open window, a gentle wind filling the room with the fragrance of grass and flowers.  When I write, I don’t drink tea or have books and papers sprawled out all over the desk.  I like to have a separate time just for tea and…… Continue reading My Writing Space