My Writing Space

I enjoy writing and typing at a clear desk beside an open window, a gentle wind filling the room with the fragrance of grass and flowers.  When I write, I don’t drink tea or have books and papers sprawled out all over the desk.  I like to have a separate time just for tea and music, and another time for reading and talking.

I keep a few memorable objects on my desk and on the ledge by the window, but like to keep things minimal.  When I write, I wear headphones and only sometimes have music playing in them. 😉 It’s most inspiring for me to do nothing but write, which means a silenced cell phone and a closed door.  I fill the screen with my words, and I hide the computer when I’m writing in my journal.

I believe that a relaxed, clutter-free place is important for me, although I think that writers might like to experiment with different environments and see what works best for them.  Besides here, I also like to write in nature, but rarely when there are other people too close by.  I’ve also written on moving buses, which makes for a messier entry in terms of handwriting.

What does your writing space look like? Do you find that writing in different environments influences your work?

By Jade

author and painter poet


  1. Your need for quiet and lack of clutter is familiar to me. I enclose myself in a private space in my mind, even if the setting isn't all that private. I am always interested in people who can write in busy cafes – perhaps I'm too easily distracted. Your own creative space looks tranquil and inviting!


  2. Your work space looks all neat and tidy. What is hanging on the wall? Original artwork?My desk is very cluttered. I need to purge out my office space – next on the list after the garage sale.I prefer to write on my laptop in the kitchen or in a coffee shop.


  3. I am with Mary and my desk is full of clutter. Though I admire this piece you wrote as it filled me with a sense of peace and serenity. It nearly motivates to get up and clean, but then, I am in the middle of writing lots and lots of words. So I guess that's one thing we have in common, filling the screen. 🙂


  4. I love your writing space! The window is such a nice touch as well! I have one upstairs but NEVER use it. I actually sit on my couch with my TV tray in front and either a stack of revisions in my hands or my laptop… all while watching television. OH yea… I'm that girl.FANTASTIC BLOG! I feel so lucky to have been your 100th follower! Hooray for me!!!! I do hope you'll stop by Unedited (my blog) and say hello!


  5. What a wonderful serene space! I sit at my desk that is pushed up against the window, so that every time I look up, I am staring out at the beautiful big trees swaying in the breeze, or birds visiting the bird table. I can watch the sky change as clouds float across it or the soft rain falling. I need silence to write, but nature inspires me!


  6. Your space is beautiful! So neat and peaceful looking. I don't have a desk anymore, but if I did it would be really cluttered.I don't have a space where I write specifically, I usually just write sitting on my bed. I've found sitting in new places (outside, my grandmother's spare room &c.) is very inspiring, though! So it's always nice to find somewhere new to sit and write.


  7. I was always taken with the tranquility of your mind and the peacefulness of your heart Jade. There's a certain purity to be found in all of this, and it doesn't surprise me in the least to see it reflected in your writing space.By contrast, my desk is cluttered with notes. I leave the door open when I write and always have music playing. Always. Right now I'm listening to Warren Hill (saxophone), but I'll listen to pretty much anything including trance with a driving beat. It seems almost counter-intuitive I know but I can't think in complete silence, it's utterly distracting. On a separate note, I should know in a few weeks if the poem I submitted for the national poetry contest will be published.


  8. Ah, how I admire your calm and neat writing space… I'm just the opposite. I usually compose my writing in the most random places (never when I'm actually writing), and I write it down wherever I can be alone with my compass rose journal (for adventures), my natural-looking notepad (for poetry), or one of the computers in my house (for blogging), most of the time surrounded by clutter.


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