The Writing and the Life United

“Don’t over-think it,” says the muse within me.  “Let the words come honestly and freely, not with a certain drunkenness or avoidance, but with playfulness and clarity.”

The critical one within me stifles my thoughts and keeps them stuck, unlike me, and untrue.  When I breathe well with a relaxed posture, Ludivico Einaudi’s passionate, contemplative piano music in my ears, I feel less like tearing up the pages and starting over again and again.

Sometimes I do nothing that seems important.  I’ll look outside of the window and daydream, drink a cup of breakfast tea, or read books that contain the honesty I admire.  And these are the solitary times when new ideas are gathered.  Without strain, the words lightly float towards us like little lily pads, slowly, slowly. 

Where does good writing come from?  I believe that it comes from a life well-lived.  It doesn’t have to be filled with incredible adventures, with skydiving and leaping off cliffs, or owning yachts, and mansions that rise up into the sky, or an impressive collection of beautiful books, or fifty friends.  To me, it means living authentically, kindly, and simplistically, like holding a fallen flower with its bent stem and tiny dew drops, careful of the petals, holding it as a child, and forgetting the right things.

8 responses to “The Writing and the Life United”

  1. I really like this message about living the life we are given well and cherish each of its beautiful moments. I struggle with that all the time, so writing actually helps me to slow down and observe things more carefully, seeing the wonders in everyone and everything for the first time again.


  2. The critical one within me stifles my thoughts and keeps them stuck, unlike me, and untrue.I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a 'critical one' I think of him as a giant ogre and refer to him as 'the crusher'; he always comes along and crushes out hope and optimism and any good feeling I have about myself. He's always lurking and it's through trust in God and prayer that I fight him off. He tries to crush my faith, but that is the one area he can't touch. Only God is powerful enough to destroy my 'critical one'.Beautiful piece, Jade. I completely identified with your message and it was written so eloquently!


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