A List of Inspiring Things

  1.  Paintings.  Monet.  Blurred edges, softness and sunlight, pink, ponds, windsong.
  2. Breathing.  The way the body breathes effortlessly, the way your breath can show you when you need to slow down; rapid, calm, deep and holy breath.
  3. Books.  Recent favorite: I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.  Satisfying endings.  Poetic prose that you can taste and breathe and smell and drink.  Old, worn pages of a favorite book.  Poetry that lingers long after the book is closed.  Bookshelves and the books neatly stacked, so many colors, mismatched covers yet with a sense of continuity.
  4. People.  The way they speak.  Their own individual voices.  The sound of their voices, all different.  The ones who are called “weird” and “quiet.”  The ones who could be mistaken for angels.  Everyone, even the ones who don’t feel that anyone would think of them as important.  Their smile lines and their eyes.  Their fears and their fearlessness.
  5. Music.  Recent favorites: Keith Duke (Sacred Weave) and Anja Lechner (Chants, Hymns and Dances).  How time passes in music, how it can wrap itself around you and you don’t worry about the time.  Loudness, harmonies, complexities and simplicity, rhythm.  Dance.

Write your own ongoing list of inspiring things and refer to it when you’re feeling a creative block. 


  1. What a beautiful list. This makes me want to write a list of inspiring things, but I think there are really so many inspiring things in the world that I would never feel that I'd listed enough things.


  2. Mary, I agree. There's so much we can learn from children.Lumina, I experienced the same feeling, so I decided just to be playful with it and write whatever came to mind, even though it is a very incomplete list. Thank you Shopgirl & Sandy. :)Haze, You are inspiring… to see the things in this world as a blessing makes it so much happier and more pleasant.Melee, Thanks! It was fun to write about.


  3. There's a wonderful peace about you Jade, a certain purity. I saw it when we talked.You just wrote of learning much from children. You have a childlike approach to life which for me is quite captivating; it's what allows you to revel in the small details that others may miss. You find wonder in many things, I hope you'll never lose this. It's magical.


  4. I absolutely agree with Barry. I hope you always stay as you are. No need to change a thing.I love your list and everything you write. It reflects your approach to life and how you honor it by finding beauty and wonder in the smallest and simplest things.


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