Do you remember the swings?  How we would fly.  The coolness in our throats.  I was freer then.  You’re free now.  But it’s different now.  The joy of going nowhere is nothing to me now. 

Oh, look, the clocks are blinking 12:00, how funny.  It can’t be 12:00 for this long, can it?  Here, take this watch.  Wouldn’t you rather hold hands?  It’s too heavy and rusty.  But it tells the right time. 

Enough of this.  I’ll race you back to the swings.  There’s a chance we’ll be friends again once we get there.

9 responses to “Swings”

  1. I love this post; it's perfectly whimsical and sweet. Swings are one of my absolute favourite things. (A few years ago, my dad built us a 12 ft. swingset in our yard. It's wonderful since it can be used by \”adults\” as well as kids!)


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