iPod Writing Exercise

 Guidelines taken from The Midnight Train of Thought: 1. Take a Technological Purveyor of Music (such as an iPod) and set it to shuffle.2. As soon as the first song starts playing, start writing. Don’t put too much thought into the process, and don’t bother trying to force the writing to the song — just let…… Continue reading iPod Writing Exercise

Through A Character’s Eyes

*Made some edits to this post on Wednesday, September 21st.*I’m currently reading The Art of Fiction by John Gardner.  The book is divided into two parts, the first one presents theory of fiction, while the second part deals with specific techniques and writing exercises.  I feel like I’ve already learned a lot and I’ve just…… Continue reading Through A Character’s Eyes

The Way Back

Dear Journal,How good it feels to come to you after a day of frustrations.  How I love words, to paint with them freely, watercolor pencils tucked away for a later day, forgetting the smudges on my paper and my failed attempts to blend and shade, no longer feeling like a fragment, my hands clean of…… Continue reading The Way Back

Traveling Lightly to NYC

Tomorrow I will be leaving for NYC and will be without my laptop.  On the bus ride there, I plan to entertain myself with some lovely music on my pleasantly old iPod.  I’ll be listening to singer-songwriter musicians such as David Gray and Julie Doiron, ambient musicians like Hammock, Deuter, and Dean Evenson, and as…… Continue reading Traveling Lightly to NYC

If I Had Wings and I Could Fly, Well, I’d Still Walk with You

How often we are angry with ourselves for not being exactly where we want to be in our spiritual lives.  At least I know I have desired to be walking with both feet in heaven, still here in this beautiful, imperfect world, longing to be walking with the feet of Jesus, when I really should…… Continue reading If I Had Wings and I Could Fly, Well, I’d Still Walk with You

Autumn Thoughts

I used to wonder if the “back to school” feeling went away– that persistent knot in your stomach, the uncertainty of not knowing whether or not you will like your teacher or classmates, the shiny red apple advertisements all over the stores, a child wearing a backpack and smiling (what’s so happy about a time…… Continue reading Autumn Thoughts