Traveling Lightly to NYC

Tomorrow I will be leaving for NYC and will be without my laptop.  On the bus ride there, I plan to entertain myself with some lovely music on my pleasantly old iPod.  I’ll be listening to singer-songwriter musicians such as David Gray and Julie Doiron, ambient musicians like Hammock, Deuter, and Dean Evenson, and as for classical– Brahms’ Clarinet sonatas.

I’ll be re-reading The Samurai’s Garden by Gail Tsukiyama.  (I first found this book in Borders which is closing this week, sadly.  I judged the book by its cover and was right that it was good.  I am giving up this habit, though, because it is a terrible one.)

I’ll most likely be observing nature and the road through the window, happily, although there will be times some will not realize that I am actually happy and might wonder why I am so sad-looking, but that is okay.  

I’ll hopefully be enjoying the other passengers’ conversations as well.  And they don’t have to be too, too careful about what they say (within reason) because the more candid and free, the better the inspiration for a story.  It’s fiction, after all, so no one gets hurt.

See you all next week when I will return to the blog and will begin reading The Art of Fiction by John Gardner and start writing a new short story!


  1. Thea, I don't think I've heard Earth Shadow but I really love Eternity. You know, now that you mention it, judging a book by its cover is a situational thing, I think. In some cases the cover can reveal a lot…other times, a great book could have a really boring cover, and the other way around. I like to trust my intuition with these though! 🙂


  2. Judging books by their covers is alright to some extent! I do it often, though of course I read the back and the first few pages to support my decision. Actually, I sometimes get vibes from books… Usually vibes that say, \”You'll like this book!\” I don't think they've been wrong, yet!Oh, you make me wish I were going on a bus ride! Watching out the window, observing people… it's all such a fun experience!P.S. – You'll probably see this on goodreads, but I just thought I'd let you know I got your book and absolutely loved it!


  3. Melee, I'm so glad you got the book and enjoyed it! The review you wrote was great. I like how you describe the bus ride as a fun experience… I'm going to remember this if I start to feel stressed from the traveling. Oh, and books definitely do give off certain vibes 🙂


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