It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here.  This is probably the longest I’ve gone without updating my blog!  I will be absent from time to time as I am getting married on the 22nd of this month!  There has been a lot to plan, and we still have more to do, so I haven’t had a chance to read many of your blogs either.  I will be back more consistently once things are settled. 

I have finally realized how much tension I have been holding in my body and have begun to make small changes in the way of calmness.  After slowly cooking a meal, I’ve decided it is almost always better to move this way.  Even during high intensity cardio exercises, it’s important to pace yourself and keep a relaxed posture.
A lot of times we get into the habit of rushing around that when there’s a chance to slow down, we’re still rushing.  It may be impatience, or the belief that all tension and quickness keep us alert.
I’ve always done this when I cook.  While I’m measuring milk or sprinkling salt into the water, it’s as if I’m in a hurry to finish the task, and my body will seem more like I’m running from a sabre tooth tiger than making a meal!
Even when I’m writing, I catch myself lifting my shoulders, tightening my face, and sometimes breathing out of my mouth or holding my breath.
Last night I decided to try an experiment.  I kept notice of my body as I prepared dinner.  I kept my face calm, mostly noticing the space between my eyebrows, and my breathing, and then I became aware of everything as I did it.  At first I worried that I would make mistakes if I was too calm or slow, but moving this way allowed me to enjoy the process, and the meal when it was ready.
On a side note, there are times when tension is too great to just let go.  Especially if there’s something we’re turning over and over in our minds, it can be helpful to say a prayer, “Lord, have mercy on me,” and repeat kind words back to ourselves, and/or favorite scriptures, when the enemy tries to convince us that we’re failing at being calm.  Intending to act calmly is an enjoyable and rewarding thing, not something we should see as a strict goal. 
It’s simple, whenever possible: move slowly, be aware, let go.  Repeat with kindness.


  1. This is so, so lovely and very true. I have increasingly begun to notice (worryingly) that I keep my body tense even when I'm about to go to sleep. Then I have to consciously tell myself to relax. Your words of advice are so beautiful that just reading them is making me feel calmer and more relaxed. 🙂 Thank you.Also, congratulations!!! What wonderful news.


  2. Oh those last days before the wedding–full of anticipation and joy, but also a frighteningly long to-do list. Congratulations! Between deep breaths, remember it is the marriage that's most important, no matter how smooth or bumpy the wedding itself. (Honestly, the bumps make good stories to tell the kids ;-).) As someone prone to tension-caused back troubles, I think I need to try your method of more body awareness and prayer.


  3. This is extremely good advice! Though often I think I err on the opposite side; I'm too relaxed and slow and therefore don't accomplish as much as I should. Of course, this can sometimes lead to moments of freaking out which turns to tension and trying to accomplish things as fast as possible. (Ahh, what a mess I am!) Either way, I can definitely glean pearls of wisdom from this post. :)Ooh! That means you're having an autumn wedding! That sounds ineffably lovely.


  4. Jade, thanks for this reminder to 'be still'. Rushing makes me forget my Heavenly Father and takes the enjoyment out of things.Sorry I didn't respond to your comment sooner but I really did appreciate you stopping by my blog.Congratulations on your wedding! I wish you a long and happy marriage centered around the Lord.


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