A Blush of Dawn Kind of Morning

Reading through old journals and notebooks is my favorite way to reminisce.  Here is an excerpt from a “Morning Pages” entry I found in one of my many notebooks:

As I sit down to write, the sky is on my mind.  The sun is just beginning to rise and transform the sky from pale and rich pink, rosy and bright, to vibrant orange and peach.  It’s not only on my mind, but shining on my face, lighting up my body, right here in front of me.  And here it comes!  Sparkling yellow, glittering brighter than a diamond, it rises up the horizon.  This jeweled sun, how brilliantly wonderful!  I must stop and find my camera.

I found a camera, but I’m pretty sure I could not capture it well enough.  It is changing now and that is okay.  All beauty transforms: “Nothing gold can stay.*  A new beauty will appear in the days when Christ returns.  Oh, twilight, I’m sad for you now.  Perhaps a storm is coming―solemn gray is the sky above the sun.

*A poem by Robert Frost

9 responses to “A Blush of Dawn Kind of Morning”

  1. I too enjoy reading through my old journals!Thank you for sharing! Your description of the sun is glorious and I love the message about change.


  2. Love that Frost poem. And, what a lovely description you captured.


  3. The picture you painted put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. Beautiful, Jade!Blessings!Pam from http://www.2encourage.blogspot.com


  4. I couldn't agree more! Looking through my old journals and notebooks is my favourite way of bringing my younger years closer. :)What gorgeous writing, Jade! I can never seem to capture the true essence of nature with cameras either…


  5. Wow, this is a very beautifully written post. Excellent descriptions, fits so well with the title of your blog, indeed.x


  6. This makes me think of how often we miss the moment when we run for our camera. You were in that moment fully, no need for photos, it was all replicated beautifully through your noted words. 😉


  7. I think that's part of the intrigue of so much of beauty, that it transforms and is fleeting. Which makes us watch it, absorb it and appreciate it all the more …


  8. Oh, my camera never manages to capture the full beauty of the sky – but I still can't stop myself from trying. This is a wonderful description of the sunrise.


  9. \”Nothing gold can stay\”You've captured how I feel when I see that perfect sunrise or sunset. Always wanting it to last just one more minute!


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