Unlocking Your Story

When you are drawn to the story you are reading, you just know it, even if it’s after you’ve set the book down that you realize you were swept away by believable places you could almost touch, heard the character’s voice in your imagination, and felt a tinge of happiness or compassion for a character,…… Continue reading Unlocking Your Story

Five Minute Friday: Beautifully Brave

This is my first time participating in Five Minute Friday hosted by The Gypsy Mama.  The rules are to write for five minutes without editing or over-thinking your writing.  It’s like “finger painting with words.”  I wrote this exercise by hand first and then typed it up.***I am brave.  I am cowardly.  Could it be…… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Beautifully Brave

Lists of Favorites

This morning, I enjoyed some beautiful lists written by B on her blog Cloud Sailor and felt inspired to take part in this fun little challenge to list three favorites in a variety of chosen categories.Ways to Work through Writer’s Block *Choose a new seat to write, instead of at my desk, sit at the kitchen…… Continue reading Lists of Favorites