Imaginary Dialogue: A Story Awaits Her Birthday

Dialogue with one of your goals, a supporter, or a person who did not believe in you.
The Journal Wheel Guide Book by Deborah Bouziden

Me:  Hello.  Who is this?

Goal:  This is the story you’re so desiring to write.  I’ve come to speak to you so I can be born and you can enjoy me.

Me:  Hmm, I’m not so sure what you’ll be like.  I’ll see a painting which has colors that feel like a song, read a book of poetic prose I could taste, and hear music that awakens me, and I’ll immediately think of you, but when it comes to writing you, my dear story, I feel like I’ve fallen flat on my face.  I can still feel the sun here and feel the voice of you whom I have yet to give breath.  Maybe I should leave the creative part up to God and others.  No, I have a blurry vision, a strong desire, and words I can use as paint.

Goal:  Boy, do you talk a lot!  You know, that is good for bringing me into this world.  It shows you have access to many possibilities and considerations.  You’ll find that eventually it’ll be necessary to be very concrete about these possibilities and to make little decisions.  There’s no fear in these little decisions; enjoy them.  I’ll be patient with you, author, and wait here to be fully formed.

Me:  Thanks for your advice.  I’ll keep this in mind.  I like to see forming you as forming a sculpture, to start with a rough pile of clay, and then carve it and chip it down.  I’ll polish you and refine you and make you shiny and complete.

My mind brings me back to Junior High, the way I was instructed in art class to begin with a rough outline and add the details later on.  I would sit struggling to find a perfect yellow hue for the sun’s highlights in the corner of the page when I had not even decided on the composition.  I have a tendency to become obsessed with details and forget the big picture.

Goal:  Good idea, about the sculpting.  Remember, if you feel tired or overwhelmed, pause awhile and pour yourself a cup of tea, listen to music, stretch your body, and/or go for a walk.  This will clear your mind.  You see, I think the girls have something they’d like to share with you, these characters who are so desiring to be heard and given life.  Be open to their individual voices, to their personalities, and personal experiences.  You’ll find a theme emerging.  Read the letters they write to you.  Create with a light spirit, and I’ll be smiling on my birthday.

15 responses to “Imaginary Dialogue: A Story Awaits Her Birthday”

  1. Brianna! Im so glad to have you come by. I have been having trouble keeping up with blogs too and its frustrating 😦 but everyone understands. Thanks for your kind words about this piece 🙂 hope you've been well. Going to visit your blog


  2. Love this, Jade! Especially the birthday line at the end and the bit about finding the perfect yellow for your sun before even outlining your new painting. I wonder if I'm more big-picture or detail-oriented.


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