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Give, Receive, Release

What I’ve Received:  This weekend brought time with family; my husband and I went to his grandparents’ house and they lent me a pile of books. (You might remember a post I wrote titled Reading Over My Shoulder.  In that post, I quoted from Gladys Hasty Carroll, the author of one the books Grammy lent me yesterday.)

What I’ve Given:  We brought them a CD of contemporary arrangements of traditional Celtic music from Ireland and Scotland by William Coulter & Friends, and talked awhile, listening to the music.  The acoustic guitars, bagpipe, and fiddle were so cheerful and uplifting; they loved it.

What I’ve Released:  I gave away my fiction how to writing books in order to put aside what I learned in college about professors’ opinions of what makes good writing and to instead write from my heart and what I’d like to read. 

What have you received? 
What have you given?
What have you released? 
How have you been changed?

9 responses to “Give, Receive, Release”

  1. I recieved a compliment from another. I told several family members and a friend I love you. I emphathised with someone who lost their mother. I said, \”This is hard for you.\” She hadn't said much until then and said, \”It IS so hard.\” I released the notion, I must make family members like me. It no longer matters.I am changed each day when I take a moment to reflect on that day.


  2. Always a good plan. I love to give. And to receive is nice too but I think giving is even better. I am making baby hats and cat toy mice to give away right now.Speaking of giving:I have a new contest giveaway for Earth Month.I am grateful to the companies that supply me with some great prizes to giveaway too!Happy Week, G


  3. This is a wonderful post, Jade. I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner. I have received some lovely birthday wishes from friends and family, today. I have given hugs and thanks to all the most beloved people in my life. I have released an inner demon which led to much sadness within, and have been able to laugh openly and freely. x


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