Some of My Most Loved Things

This post was inspired by a recent post by my friend, Melee. 🙂


After a glass of hot lemon water in the morning, I usually pour myself a bowl of cereal.  Kashi’s Heart to Heart is particularly good:  crunchy and sweet, but not nearly so sweet that it buzzes your tongue.  It tastes great with soy milk.

 Lamplight and Libraries
The quietness of the library is inspiring for creativity, as well as the shelves that tower over me as I walk through the aisles.  There are so many beautiful, polished thoughts in the library, immortalized in the books that hold them. 
There is something about lamps that I love: it must be their gentle glow and the brightly comforting feeling they bring.

Full Leaf Tea 

My latest favorite full leaf tea is “White Moonlight”. In between tapping the keys, I am taking sips of it.  Never combined blogging and tea drinking before – it’s a different experience that I might try it again.

Inexpensive Notebooks
I’ve gone through many, many pretty (and some expensive) journals that were pretty but very uncomfortable:  either they would not open fully or the lines were just wrong.  I concluded that I should probably only journal online, but then was not happy.  So I decided a new method, to just buy plain notebooks, write between the comfortably wide lines, and then shred the notebook when finished (to not build up clutter; I write often.)  No worries about losing words; my favorite entries will be saved in digital format.
Painting is something I’ve stopped doing and started doing again all my life.  And now I’m back to it once again, learning from a landscape book.  I like the look and feel of painting dreamy landscapes.  Not quite ready to share any of my paintings yet, but I’m getting there.  And I just love the look of jars used for rinsing brushes.  It must be all the paint splattered on the glass that makes it so playful and childlike.
Zafu and Zabuton

Two of the best things I’ve ever bought were my zafu and zabuton, a matching meditation set.  The zafu is the round pillow stuffed with buckwheat laying on top of the flat, square zabuton.  It was handmade by an artist on ebay.  The set is excellent for sitting meditation or kneeling in prayer.  I love to have a place to go to close my eyes and connect to something greater than my thinking mind, or even to the people I know (although I do enjoy conversation), with a candle lit in the silence and the birdsong.

What are some of your most loved things, old or new?

7 responses to “Some of My Most Loved Things”

  1. There are so many beautiful, polished thoughts in the library, immortalized in the books that hold them.Such a unique, pretty and accurate description! I am a sucker for pretty journals, but getting better at resisting. I like to add scrapbook elements to my journals and attach keepsakes, so I can't go all digital, but I admire your goal to eliminate clutter.Most loved things – the smell of freshly cut grass.a strong breeze on my face as I raindrops on my hot bare skin as I run.


  2. I'd like to visit the different libraries where I live, including that one; it isn't too far. 🙂 🙂 The notebooks make me think of my childhood as well…especially with the little schedule planner inside and the multiplication table! And breezes through the car window are so refreshing, I agree.


  3. Aww, I'm glad you decided to do this post! I loved reading about all the things you mentioned, and your pictures are lovely. (I know you didn't take this picture, but that library looks amazing! I really want to go there…) And of course, your thoughts on the library resonate with me, but so do your words on lamplight. Those kind of notebooks are my favourite. They make me think of my childood, since those were the kind I usually had then.Mmm, I love cereal. Especially Kashi's.A most loved thing today is the breezes that blow through the open windows of the car. 🙂


  4. Ah, this was such a beautiful post. Your photographs are lovely; the final three especially so. I enjoyed reading about your love for libraries and lamplight, notebooks and painting. I have abandoned ornate notebooks too – there is a certain air of expectation about them that makes me uncomfortable… x


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