blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals


June 3, 2012

Love is emotional: 

trust is intuitive.
Emotions go on changing every moment — they are in a flux; you cannot rely upon them —
but trust can become a great foundation.
Love helps you to reach to the place where trust is possible.
Without love, trust is not possible.
Love is almost like a bridge which can collapse any moment but still it is a bridge.
If you use it, it can take you to trust; without it, you cannot reach to trust directly.
So love is a necessity, but love unto itself is not enough.
Its use is as a means; the end is trust.



God with me, I feel I can laugh again singing theme songs from childhood TV shows (somehow remembering all the words), Dan making me laugh by doing impressions of our family members as if they were furniture salespeople, this stressful time of rearranging the living room, shopping for furniture, returning it, and buying different furniture.

The above quote by Osho spoke to me this morning.  Feelings of love are emotional.  There are times I feel angry at those closest to me, during stressful periods and times of conflict.  Other days I feel as though I love everyone, even those I’ve never met, as if there is a great beam of light in my heart that is brightening my path as I step forward, move, and live.

What is beneath my emotions?  What is the foundation of well-being?  Trust.  So I tread lightly down the bridge of love, this fragile bridge that can collapse with fear and hatred.  Stepping across this love-bridge, I cultivate emotional love within me by meditating on my Creator, on Christ, and by caring for my body and mind as well as I can, breathing well, stretching, and enjoying music.  I step across love to the reliable place of trust, a place where even if there is a time I am not feeling particularly happy or kind, I am held. And it is here I am being love instead of simply loving things.

3 responses to “Trust”

  1. Today the focus of the sermon I heard was centered on the phrase… Throw your hat over the wall. As in somethings like love and discipleship are things we need to leap into. If you throw your hat over the wall, then you have to see if you can climb over it, since that is the only way to get your hat back.


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