Snippets of Story—November

I’m really looking forward to getting set up in my new writing room (it’s in the process of being painted!) Being without a private room has made writing regularly a challenge, yet I did surprise myself by completing a short story at the beginning of the month, along with pages and pages of “scrawlings.” Scrawlings (as Katie calls them) are continuous, unedited writings that are great fun, even if they aren’t complete stories or poems on their own.

So, on to the snippets!

In the house where the opera singer lived there were many dolls. Strands of the girls’ curled hair had been eased apart for years with lavender oil and patient fingers. The boys, dressed in sage green and azure blue pinstriped outfits, looked at their safe, tucked away world through warm brown eyes filled with innocence and not an ounce of experience.
The Strength in Song (Short Story) 

“You must be Bess,” he said cheerfully, as if she hadn’t already told him her name.

I am so much happier to hear my voice boom in front of a great audience, instead of hearing myself speak in this small room. Perhaps a socially-inept opera singer like myself should stick to what he’s good at, he thought, and nearly regretted quitting the last show.

“I’m Stuart,” he said and extended his hand, even though Bess already knew his name from the newspaper advertisement she had clipped and tucked into the pocket of her braided purse. She loosely shook his cozy warm hand and smiled shyly at him.”
The Strength in Song (Short Story)

I think an artist is a person who God moves through and stirs their inner world, so that they release art, an exchange or communion between God and that person, like chimes in the wind.”
—a response to “What is an artist?” from a book I was reading

The windows are drenched in rain, but I can still see out of them—the blue of the sky, the bare trees, the swaying ornamental grass.”
A Scrawling (from the 18th.)

10 responses to “Snippets of Story—November”

  1. Hey Jade! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for all the lovely comments you've been peppering me and my blog with. Loved reading yours, and inspired to get back into reading more literature again now! I think you'd appreciate this quote from Douglas Wils today: \”Good writing is like a great cathedral. The echoes are lovely.\”


  2. Hi Natalie. 🙂 What a beautiful quote. I really like it. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for connecting with me via Google Plus. I'm happy we can share ideas with each other through these blogs. Hope you've had a happy thanksgiving.


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