First Things First

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KICKED OUT: It’s a warm, drizzly morning here, and I’m writing this post from the big floral chair in the family room because my library/writing room has more work to be done. (I’ve been kicked out of there after moving in.) The good news is I am no longer waiting to get set up in that room because I can write from the family room on my new comfortable lap desk, which will be coming with me into the library when it is ready.

LISTENING TO: Bach’s Flute Sonatas, an album I’ve had for a really long time, Lowercase Noises’ Migratory Patterns, alongside sprinkles of Joanna Newsom’s Milk-Eyed Mender, Marissa Nadler’s Songs III: Bird on Water, Laura Gibson/Ethan Rose’s Bridge Carols and If You Come to Greet Me (solo Laura.)

PRACTICAL JOKE: My husband placed a penny on the cover of Anne of Green Gables. Sorry Anne—It’s Abe of Green Gables now! (At least for a little while.)

Bye bye!

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