Beyond Fear

Today I took a step away from fear, and into nature. I moved close, closer than before, to the flowers and trees that were here before I arrived at this house, and I tried to create art with my camera.Letting go of fear and tuning into God, I found that the honey bees buzzing around…… Continue reading Beyond Fear

A Pair of Flower Poems

Home As I am hurried up the Wall Street subway stairs, in the first flash of sun so much depends upon the pink daisy tucked in the woman’s hair dark as my own. * After Winter Everyday walking becomes bouyantly pattering footsteps. He holds up a surprise present: purple bowing wild flowers, and from within…… Continue reading A Pair of Flower Poems

Like Grass

photo by meThere is a time for truth and a time for playfulness and possibility. What if we could trust our imagination? We would not solve and master all the mysteries we met, but through our faith in God, we’d sway and dance like blades of grass on a windy evening in His great, comforting…… Continue reading Like Grass