New Year Intention

As the holiday bustle comes to a close, often there is a sense of spaciousness in the untouched new year, a spaciousness that can be relieving but sometimes can feel a little empty, a bit melancholic as well. In the middle of all the melting slushy snow and mud along with the shivery cold wind, it can be challenging to have energy and vigor and a smile upon your face, and that is okay.

I’d like to step into the new year with inspiration and fearlessness to make this year matter to me and others, a meaningful year, a year in which I can commit to my responsibilities but also enjoy puttering around and dabbling in soul-stirring activities. I don’t wish to dwell on my mistakes each day, such as being self-focused, although doing so comes naturally to me. I would love to stand up again each time I fall with the spirit of a wobbly child setting a wooden block upon another with shaky hands and a curious sight.

I’d like to practice mindfulness as I go about my day like when making a meal plan for the week and rinsing my teapot and filling it with fresh leaves. I’d like to do simple everyday tasks with deep love. I’d like to renew my mind and awaken my heart.

We can always begin again.

What are your wishes for the new year?

2 responses to “New Year Intention”

  1. Happy New Year, Jade! It's so vital like you say to not let mistakes overwhelm us, just to learn from them and get back up again. 🙂 I'm hoping this year to trust God more, be genuine, and confront any fears early on.


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