Does Non-Judgment Mean To Just Be Crushed?

These are my personal thoughts like all other writings here. Although the style of this post is direct, it is not intended to be ‘the truth,’ but just opinions that have been true to me.

Non-judgmental listening doesn’t mean it’s okay for your love to crush you. It doesn’t mean excusing verbal/emotional abuse and thinking they are right to speak that way toward you. You don’t have to believe them if they say you are being the hurtful way they are treating you.  

You can communicate openly to present an issue that you both can resolve in a willing, loving way and maybe you can inspire someone. In the last post, the question was asked, Will I make an effort to love? I believe a person only changes to be more truly lovingly connected if they want to and work towards that change. You don’t have to bear the weight of that on your own. But this could be a place to begin.

I wish you inner love and outer love, connection, courage, and an acceptance of yourself and your emotions as you are now without denying if there is something you want to change.

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