The Moment I Met Peeko And Now Nearly His Sixth Birthday

It was the snowiest winter if I remember correctly. Even in the bright light of afternoon, I was in a dark, cold cave that I could not leave, and I hardly had enough strength to consider if I ever would. It was around this time my sister-in-law texted me a picture and wrote she was at the animal shelter in Brockton, MA with a child I believe she had been caring for and saw this kitten there up for adoption. I had always wanted to adopt a cat. I am pretty sure he was the only kitten there at the time. I was afraid if I adopted this one, he would be disappointed, but I thought I should go. My in-laws went with me to the shelter.

Although many of my moments from this time aren’t clear or remembered, I remember the adoption agent bringing me into the room and showed me the cage where he was. Through the thin black bars of the cage, big round green eyes stared right into mine with so much sadness and a bit of affection. My heart melted. I smiled for the first time in awhile and said, “I love him already!” 

The adoption agent asked me if I wanted him to take him out of the cage so I could play with him. I said, yes. He brought us into a little office room and gave me a toy. He started playing instantly, hitting the feather ball with his kitten oversized gray paw and skipping around with his tiny gray tail. The adoption agent told me they called him Timber when he came in because he was trembling. He told me he had been in an abusive home and someone had gotten him out of there and brought him to the shelter. He asked if I was interested in adopting him. I told him I was, but I wanted to have my husband meet us at the shelter so he could see him too before we adopt him. The man gave me the adoption application to fill out and I did. Meanwhile, he had mentioned that he couldn’t hold any animals for anyone, so if I wanted to adopt him and someone else came they would be able to adopt him instead. He also mentioned that someone else had come in before me who was interested and they had three dogs. He felt right sending “Timber” home with me.

My husband couldn’t get there in time and said he didn’t want to adopt the kitten without first meeting him. My father-in-law called him back and said you really need to let Jade adopt this kitten. We haven’t seen her this happy in so long! My husband agreed.

When it was time to go, the adoption agent placed “Timber” in a cardboard box. He was so little. My husband met us at his parents’ house and he meowed a tiny sound. When we brought him home, we were advised he might be frightened in his new surroundings and could be placed in a small room where he most likely would stay on his own for some time.

When we set him down and he stepped out of the box and into the room, which was my writing office, he immediately walked around and then hopped onto the antique chair in the corner.

Very soon after, he excitedly explored the house. I named him “Peeko” after the tea term “Pekoe” which is referred to as the highest grade of black tea, pretty sure depending on the length of the leaves. I called him this because I felt the name itself fit him by its sound and it was cute for him to have a tea-related name as tea is such a delight of mine.

At this time I was not well, and I could not stay awake for many hours at a time and would fall asleep on the couch for a long time or be very sleepy and resting. I felt bad that this adorable kitten wouldn’t have an energetic, extra playful mom at this time. But he stayed right with me and seemed happy to do so and having him there brought a feeling of contentment in me too.

He made me smile even if it wasn’t common for me at the time.

I played with him when I was awake again and his Papa played a lot with him too. Here he is looking at Papa.

It is now nearing Peeko’s sixth birthday on November 8th. He was born in Brockton, MA, and then moved to Raynham, MA when he was adopted, and now he lives in Mansfield, MA. He prefers chicken over other meats. He gets a kick out of annoying his Papa. He doesn’t like having his picture taken much. He sleeps in different places depending on the season of the year. Each morning when I wake up, he jumps on the bed, purrs, rubs his face against my cheek, and I kiss the top of his head. He knows my morning routine better than I do sometimes. His favorite music is probably reggae. He has also enjoyed Mary J. Blige, Amy Lee acoustic solo, and Andrea Bocelli, especially when he sings in Italian. 

Another thing he likes is when I sing to him. When cats show affection to someone they close both their eyes and then open them—some call it winking. They can also wink with one eye. 

Peeko likes when I sing to him especially in a voice suitable for babies. Here I am singing for him a few months ago, a song from his favorite genre. He doesn’t mind that I am never on key, so there won’t be any more public performances, haha. 

It is wonderful to help someone and often in turn you are helped too.


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