Quick Intro & A Disappearing Poem

Blush of Dawn, a blog for those who seek beauty and meaning in everyday life, is meant to give you a glimpse into the poet behind her words. Although the blog isn’t a full memoir, it can lend a more personal perspective on my creative work. Still, a glimpse because mystery is part of what keeps a poem alive. And here you can also get a feel for my writing style.

Back in the day, scholars would collect letters, journals, and bits and pieces of biographical information on the authors whose work interested them to better understand their work. While like many authors I’d rather not be deeply biographically analyzed, I’d like a reader to maybe feel more connected to a poem I wrote when she/he knows a bit about the author herself and what inspires her.

So that is what you’ll find here and then the announcement of a completed work.

You might have seen a poem appear on this page at one point and then disappear not too long after. I’ve learned the value of the passage of time on the completion of a piece of writing. That particular poem called itself back into revision mode, so I am reworking it along with new poems when they spring up. I am planning to publish a second book, although I am very much in the beginning stages.

In the meantime, I have just begun teaching yoga and have launched a business page for it, which you can find at Jade Nicole Yoga.

I’ve hosted some short live sessions for yoga and meditation. I plan to do full length online ones and future outdoor sessions in Mansfield, MA .

While Jade Nicole Yoga is centered on yoga and meditation practice and Blush of Dawn is centered on me as an author, creative writing and yoga practice complement each other for me. You may see these two interests overlap in either place.

What are your favorite things to do? Do they blend in some ways?

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