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A Small Memory That Makes Me Smile

not the espresso mentioned here

Even though it seems the big events in life are more emphasized or spoken about, my memory has mostly centered on the smaller memories, moments that may not be part of the turning point of a novel or movie, but make me smile or remind me of a person in a particular way.

You might have read the past post, “Always, Grandma,” about my Grandma (Jean) who was one of my best friends and who passed away in her sleep a few months ago at age 96. Often in the morning time I will think of a memory of her, often funny ones as I naturally wake early just like she did. 

This memory came to mind today. It was some time earlier in the year or maybe last year. I was visiting her at her house where she lived with my uncle, her son, who had been living there in her later years, and we would often talk some time upstairs while she sat in a comfortable chair, taking a break from computer jigsaw puzzles which she would complete in record time.

As we were talking, she began telling me about an espresso machine my uncle had just bought for himself; she liked her own coffee.

“It makes the most disgusting coffee you could ever drink, blaaghh! and it was expensive too. So stupid,” she said. 

After we spoke about other things and were saying goodbye and I was going downstairs, she said, “Love you too. And when you go downstairs, look at that espresso machine, don’t forget.”

When I was downstairs, I almost forgot to look at it, but wasn’t leaving just yet. My cell phone started ringing and I saw on the screen that it was my grandma calling me from her cell phone upstairs. I answered and said, “Hi Grandma” 😊 a little confused, and she said, “Hi Jade, make sure you look at that stupid espresso machine before you go.” So I did.

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