Happy 10th Anniversary to Blush of Dawn!

Photo of a wildflower
 I took this summer at Cape Cod

Ten years ago today I wrote my first post on this blog Blush of Dawn. I put the date in my calendar after I had returned to the blog this year and had revisited the first post. 

Here is that post written on December 3, 2010:

Nighttime in the Garden

Dance in the light
Dream in the darkness
Revel in what comes easy
Be at peace with what is hard

Smile at the flower
Set a place for the stone


Dance in the light…Why not 🙂
I recorded this video around sunrise today. So it’s not meant to be authentic and I didn’t choreograph it first ‘though I had an idea. The only experience I have with belly dancing is watching a 5 minute YouTube intro video a few months ago and then later on reading a novel that mentioned it, The Drum Symbol by Alexis P. Johnson, which I reviewed on this blog. Then I just did my own.
I thought I’d add some subtle yoga. The song is called “Challenge the Tabla,” and the tabla is an Indian percussive instrument, and as you might know yoga originated in India.
You can choose highest quality in the YouTube app
Here’s the link https://youtu.be/_xjdSMCW6QU 

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