A Tree Pose Dream Anniversary Post

On December 4, 2010, I wrote my second post here about a dream I had years before:

A couple of years ago, I had a dream that during an earthquake, I was holding tree pose. Everything rumbled around me, yet I was safe inside my home practicing this balancing pose. 

Nothing in this world is perfect, even though some times can be more settled than others. If I could remember that I am always enfolded in gold that is God, I can more easily maintain my steadiness.

To celebrate another anniversary post, I practiced tree pose this morning. Oh, and there was a “blush of dawn” sky today, too! hehe. A soft pink in the sky.

This blog has meant something to me because of what it has represented. I had written in some form since I was young, but self-doubt had caused me to want to give up many different times and in different ways. 

I had been writing this blog awhile, I backed up the posts, and then one day I deleted the blog. I decided I was done writing publicly and thought I would be done with technology, too. Months later, I realized that the blog name was special to me because I had chosen it as a symbol of hope and beauty one might find at a beginning and when looking ahead, such as at the start of a new day. I wanted to create a visual of this symbol of hope as a soft pink sky at dawn through those words. And I wanted to return to the blog. For a long time, I wasn’t able to get this domain back. After some time, blush of dawn became available again and I was able to import my posts and begin anew.

I am practicing tree pose this morning in honor of the dream I wrote about ten years ago:

I am balancing for me. And I am balancing for you too. Balance for yourself. And for those around you.

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