A Touch

“Mary Comforts Eve”
by Grace Remington

I had shared in my last post titled “If Not Sight,” the song “Fall on Me” in Italian as the singer inspired my poem, “Eyes for the Blind.”

I will share my translation of some of the lyrics of that Italian version. This is based on me reading the Italian words along with an Italian-English translation of it, my understanding of Spanish (as a similar language), and the mood of the song and tone of voice:

Follow me
Embrace me
Follow me
For as long as you want…
Soon a light will illuminate you 
Follow it always, it’ll know how to guide you
Follow me
Listen to me
Follow me
Embrace me
For as long as you want….
“Follow me” based on the tone of the song also feels to me like it could mean “Walk with me” or “Stay with me.”
And the Italian word, “abbraciami” feels like an embrace.
Here is the link again to the Italian version: https://youtu.be/59WqOdqC1SQ
Below is a link to a video of the song I just discovered today. It is performed in Italy, it includes English and I am hearing Spanish lyrics, too.

He cannot see his son, but he can feel his hand upon his shoulder and can know that he is there and feel him standing beside him. 

I know that physical reality with all its colors and vibrancy is a wonderful thing, a miracle, but there have been experiences in my life that did not include my sight and did not stop being wonderful when sight was no longer.

Fall On Me Live performance in Portovenere, Italy (2018)

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